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Teaching goal / Research & Development

Teaching goal:

(1). The objective of our teaching is to instruct the significance and philosophy of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Medical students are expected to learn the general principle in evaluation and therapeutic management of patients with various disabilities.

(2). The goal of our resident training program is to educate and to train the residents to be competent in clinical practice in PM&R, and to be engaged in the research work in PM&R.

Research & Development:

Professor Hong, former chief of the department, is an internationally known expert for myofascial pain syndrome. Under the leadership of Prof. Hong, a well-equipped research laboratory for myofascial pain syndrome was established. The department is also allied with the college of engineering and department of biomedical engineering and is dedicated to biomechanical study for the disabled and research for assistive device.

The current research focus for the department are:

  1. Basic and clinical study for myofascial trigger points.
  2. Development and clinical research for assistive device.
  3. Robotics for motion analysis and rehabilitation of the upper extremities.
  4. Gait analysis for stroke and cerebral palsy.

Animal study for myofascial trigger points: